300 South Wolcott Street, Suite 325
Casper, Wyoming 82601

PHONE: 307-472-1770

FAX: 307-472-0011



HOURS: Monday-Friday 9:00am–5:00pm, available other times by appointment only

SERVICES: To help seniors and the disabled access, understand, and navigate the health care system. We do this by providing personalized, individualized, customized patient care advocacy, liaison and support services to help seniors, those with a disability, and others with health care questions to use and be able to understand the health care system, especially when they are ill, frightened and vulnerable.

Service objectives:

1. Simplify and improve communication for the patient client with family, health care professionals, insurance providers, and others involved in the client’s care and to bridge gaps in the health care system.

2. Identify health care options with the patient client and their health care team, then develop a patient health care plan of action and assist in coordinating access to necessary resources to work the plan.

3. Assist the patient client to make knowledgeable, informed medical decisions.

4. Positively impact patient health outcomes and quality of life for the patient client.

5. Identify unmet medical needs for clients and develop opportunities to better serve and/or advocate for them.

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